Coaching With Kimberly

Are you a rural woman who is ready to start living a better life?

Hi, my name is Kimberly and I teach women how step out of the stress and overwhelm and get back into living an enriched life.

There is no need to feel alone or disconnected.  I live this life and I promise you there is a way you can get back to feeling good again - even in the midst of chaos. 

I get it!

In this field, we can often feel overwhelmed by the difficulties that sometimes accompany this lifestyle.  Overwhelm, exhaustion, uncertainty, resentment and stress are just a few.  If you are fed up with being fed up, I can give you the tools to help you move forward so you are no longer stuck.  I can teach you how to show up even when things are challenging, and show you how to let go of the things you can't control, so you can get some sleep at night.

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What Clients Are Saying...


Stuck. As I reached a milestone birthday I had been studying and reading to try to work through some things. I just couldn’t seem to get traction. Kimberly helped me clarify my thoughts from our first day working together. I feel like she is totally on my side and yet she doesn’t let me get away with anything less than my best. I’m not feeling stuck anymore. I’m hopeful and confident that change (positive change) is possible. ~ Corie Jo


Through my life coaching experience, Kimberly helped me solve my problems in a very effective way. She cleared my mind so that I could problem solve with both an open heart and an open mind. Not only did she help me help myself, but she taught me a new way of thinking in an effective and positive way. My experience has been life-changing and I would definitely recommend Kimberly as she is an amazing coach. ~ J.C.

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