How This Female Farmer Became A Life Coach

Roughly 10 years ago I made the choice to turn in my 8-5 job to become a stay at home mom.  At that time my children were small and things with the spray business were getting too much for my husband to handle on his own.  We had the business for several years, but he had recently become a spray pilot -along with managing the business things just became too busy.

At first, I was in bliss.  I hung the ceiling in the basement.  I repainted almost every room in the house.  I did so many outdoor gardening projects it made my husband’s head spin.  I had so much fun being with my children and creating that I would look forward to every morning and almost resent going to bed.

After a few years, things changed around the farm.  We lost a couple of very dependable employees and the workload shifted with it.  We tried to hire and replace the help.  But good help is hard to find and we came to terms with what we were working with.  I found myself spending more and more time in the field while my husband continued to fly and keep the plane going.

I really loved being out in the field.  For so long I had always helped load planes, and work around the hanger, but paperwork, raising the kids, keep the home going was more than a full-time job.  It really felt good to be involved in the field work.

But soon I started to feel overwhelmed.  There wasn’t any end and it seemed like nothing was getting done.  It was basically just my husband, children, and myself as full-time workers around the place and we needed more help.

And I was missing something.  I’d always been in the service sector.  I’ve always known I was meant to help people – that was always in my heart.  Then it happened.  One night, while I was out in the wheat field harvesting I heard a podcast done by Brooke Castillo on The Life Coaching School.  I had fallen in love with the work she did and with the support of my husband I took the plunge to go to school and get certified.

What a perfect fit! I’d already been to school and graduated with a double degree in psychology & sociology and this was just the icing.  I’d been around the counseling and therapy sector but I’d never been so blown away by the transformations as what this cognitive coaching was doing for people.  What it did for me!! I had always been reactionary to my circumstances – not knowing there was any other way.  Not understanding that we get to choose how we process things.  Learning how to take charge of my mind and really, truly, create the kind of life I want.

Then I realized this was it!  This was my way to offer up help to my fellow women in agriculture (and anyone who needed help).  I had something that was like gold and I was beyond excited to share it- I was obligated to share it.  To help anyone that wanted to live better.  To share the gift that I had learned.  To ease the pain that so many people live in.  There is a better way and I know it – I can teach it.  I’ve worked with many that have used what I taught them to make significant changes in their life.  It is amazing to watch their transformations.  It’s an honor.

And there you have it.  All the nitty-gritty…  How this female farmer became a life coach.

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