Why should you want me as your coach?

Why Should You Want Me As Your Coach?

I understand most of you aren’t used to asking for help.

I understand most of you are very independent women who can do just about anything yourself.

I understand you are brave, strong, and capable of just about anything.


I understand that you are wives, mothers, and role models.

I understand that you are unpaid hired hands.

I understand you have endless lists that can fill a book.


I understand that sometimes you get tired, frustrated, agitated.

I understand that agriculture isn’t fair.

I understand the uncertainty, stress, and fear that being in agriculture create.


But –

I know there is another way.

I know you can be in agriculture and find happiness in the midst of chaos.

I know tools that can keep you out of fear and get you moving towards your goals.

I know how to redirect exhaustion, unhappiness, and stress so you can find some peace of mind.


I know this way.

I can teach you this way.

I can help you get out of your own way.

I can coach you to a better place.


If you let me.


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