How About A Thank You?

How About A Thank You?

The dishes, laundry, and house are partially cleaned again.  And now I know better than to look forward to that sink or kitchen counter being clean too long.  So… I’m just going to breathe in this “finished” product for just a second until I start the next thing on my list.

Every once in a while, I get this little nagging voice inside of me that wants to start screaming “how about a thank you!?!”  While I would like to indulge in this self-pity I know that it doesn’t help me.  The best of me and turns me into a victim.  And when I quit feeling sorry for myself I know that I am appreciated for all I do to keep the bills paid, the household clean, the chores around the place done (even when I don’t feel like I hear it enough).

What I’m looking for is a validation that I matter.  A validation that no one can give to me: not my husband, my children, or my friends.  It’s something that only I can give to me.  Now, I’m not letting anyone off the hook and every now and then I need to chew a little butt, but I know that what I’m looking for no one else other than ME can give.

No matter how many people tell you “Thank you,” or “I love you,” or “You matter to me”…it will never be enough if you don’t believe it yourself.  I know how it feels – the moment someone tells you thanks for a job well done – it feels pretty awesome.  But then it wears off – almost as fast as bug spray – and you’re back to feeling that emptiness.

If you want to be truly full – if you want to feel loved at its’ best – you have to begin with yourself.  You need to care about yourself fully – without judgment – and be enough just because you know you are.  Once you can do that anything else anyone gives you for praise or love is just the topping on the cake.  But I promise you one thing…if you are feeling empty, no one can fill that for you long term.  It has to start with you.  Do some self-discovery – what do you feel you are lacking and then give that to yourself before you ask from anyone else.

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!

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