It Can Be Scary

It Can Be Scary

The past couple of years in agriculture has shaken many families to their core.  The prices of grain, the weather, the unknown.  These are things we can’t change.  So how can we deal with what is happening in agriculture right now?

First thing, first.  We can make things better or worse by letting drama and emotions get the best of us. The story we tell is either going to make things better or worse.  Whatever you are saying to yourself – break it down to just facts. Take out all the variables of the what if’s, maybes, and should haves.  They won’t help you.

Here is some insight to help:

Circumstances are the facts in life, from them we create our thoughts – then our feelings – which leads us to take action (or not take action) = results in our life.

Right now we are in a drought (circumstance) and that brings up some scary thoughts.  If we react based on fear our results may not be as beneficial if we come from a place of “matter of fact.”

Step outside of yourself for just a minute…

Then, make a Plan A, a Plan B, and a Plan C.

Think about it awhile.  Don’t decide anything immediately and most certainly don’t do it with response to your emotional state.

When you decide what to do, let it be done and focus on what you can do next.  Don’t get caught in a spin cycle of negativity.  The thought spins of “should haves” are enough to ignite physical ailments and those will not help your situation.

My thoughts are with you during these times.  Everything is just a cycle and we’ll get through this hopefully sooner rather than later.

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