Happiness isn’t about a picture-perfect world.

Happiness isn’t about having everything done off your list.

Happiness surely isn’t about money.

We are all chasing this thing called happiness when what we don’t realize is that it is staring us right in the face.

Happiness is that moment that stands still in time – for longer than it should.

Happiness is seeing a smile on your child’s face and knowing you are leaving an imprint on them for their future.

Happiness is realizing that you don’t have to chase anything – (whatever your thing is).  It’s right here.

Happiness is found in a hug.

Happiness is found in a memory.

Happiness if found in your thoughts.


If you want to feel happiness think about the last thing that made you happy.  Those feelings come back to the surface and you can remember every detail what was happening.  There you go – you found happiness.  Just…like…that.

No magic trick.  It’s just about paying attention to what you are wanting to feel.  We all have a choice.

So, if that’s what you are looking for.  Stop chasing it.  Be present with yourself and who you are with.  Still not feeling happiness – find that memory.  It’s right there.

Some people dream of being happy, others live it.

Which one are you?


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Make it a great day!


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