Feeling a little stressed?

When you are trying to figure things out it’s easy to slip into fear, stress, and overwhelm. This isn’t an easy place to be – especially when you’ve been there for long periods at a time. Those of us in agriculture have experienced seasons and years of this.

To be trapped in a cycle of fear and stress is emotionally unhealthy and yet so many people are trapped in this cycle. Most people don’t even realize that they are even doing it – I know I didn’t. Let me just say I don’t make light of this. It is difficult trying to make everything come together so we can do this all over again next year. But I want you to get to next year and do it in a manner where you haven’t lost your sanity or done damage to your family unit – and you can.

First, you need to identify if how you are feeling isn’t working for you.

If it is – great!! If you find yourself freaking out about things that don’t matter, behaving differently than normal, or just at the end of your rope…read on.
How we feel is a direct result of what we are thinking about. We think and our brain responds by sending vibrations through our body. These vibrations are feelings. Feelings such as overwhelm, stress, panic, happiness, joy, peace, excitement…you get the drift.
Identify what feelings you have on a daily basis. What are your top 3 feelings? This will give you an insight into yourself.

Second, now that you know you control your emotions it takes you off auto steer and back in manual mode.

You decide your direction. So how do you feel better?
Find a thought that takes the pressure off you. That’s where you start.
What is something that you can believe?

“I can do today.”
“I enjoy my work.”
“What I do matters.”

Whatever it is – you have to believe it. Say it to yourself right now. Then notice how this feels different than what you have been running through your mind. For example – this is one that comes up for me once in a while when we are under a lot of pressure. A breakdown happens. My immediate thought goes along the line of “This piece of shit.” (I’m just being honest). Then I feel frustrated, agitated, angry, and so on. Now even though I believe it is a P.O.S. I step back and see this doesn’t help me. After I go pick up the tools I probably flung somewhere I re-center and pull myself together. “I’m only a few hours from being done.”

Some days go better than others. Sometimes I catch myself before it gets out of hand. Ideally, that’s what you want. I am also realistic in the fact that we work long days, get little sleep, and some days are lucky to show up at all.

Third – this is a big one – keep pulling yourself back to today.

I know you have to plan. Yes, I know the weather is coming. Yes, I know you have bills to pay. Still, pull yourself back to right now. Anxiety and stress aren’t going to resolve any of the above issues. It clouds your mind. It fills your body with toxic chemicals. There is no benefit to this. To put things in perspective we would dare treat our equipment the way we treat ourselves.

You get to choose to get your mind back to a productive place, a more efficient place. Plus other bonuses that come with that: better sleep, less anxiety, less stress, less overwhelm, more positive connections with your family, more moments of peace (even in the midst of chaos)…

Listen, I’m not saying everything is rainbows and unicorns. It’s been tough and it’s ok to feel those feelings but it doesn’t help you or anyone if you get stuck in this place. What is going to happen will happen (weather, markets, etc) you can’t control that. What you can control is you. You don’t have to be stuck. You don’t need to feel bad all the time. It’s a choice. Probably a choice you never knew you had.

To sum it up here is how it goes...

1)You identify that you feel bad.

2) You identify that you are running a thought that makes you feel this way.

3) YOU get to decide if this is working for you? If it’s not…

4)You find another way to think about your situation.

5) Then you identify how this makes you feel better. (Your posture, your energy, the way you hold yourself, how you speak (to yourself and others)…get my drift?

6) Practice…practice…practice
“What you practice you become.” We’ve all heard that one. It takes practice. Noticing what’s going on in that head of yours takes some energy. Might as well be that energy instead of having to process those feelings that are making you feel like you have nothing left to give.

Here is to better days ahead!

Take care and feel better.

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