Surrounded by Storms

I was out harvesting tonight and the storms were all around me. Here I was in my own little bubble trying my best to just finish filling the truck before the storms let loose.

There I was trying not to be anxious and hurry my way finished. That never ends well. I take my focus away and I plug up my combine or miss my line – whatever it is. I know when I’m pressing the envelope I need to be totally focused. Not even music because then I can’t hear my equipment and all her noises she tells me.

Life is really like this. Storms all around us that we can choose to focus on. Disputes, news, markets…things beyond our control. We can take the energy we have left and basically donate it to something that doesn’t refuel us – and then we are left empty.

You may think it’s easy to keep check on yourself – but what can happen is you start slowly slipping. If you’re lucky you’ll realize what’s happened. But sadly, many people don’t. Then what you have left is just empty ness, exhaustion, and lack of drive.

You can fix this by not focusing on the things you can’t control. Educate yourself with the necessary things but don’t dwell on them. Maybe don’t check the markets 10 times a day. (Speaking from experience). Shut your laundry room door. Eat off of paper plates so you don’t have the extra dishes during your “go time.” Put your mail in a box until you have time to deal with it. Do what you need to and not anymore.

There are always going to be storms and there are always good things happening in life AT THIS VERY MOMENT. You just have to find the sunshine in the midst of the weather and I know you can.

Take care and have a great day everyone!


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