Let’s Talk About the Weather

Let’s talk about the weather.
This has been the longest summer harvest we’ve experienced. One of our fellow farmers says this is the longest harvest he’s seen since he was a young man (roughly 30-40 years). I also know of many local people fighting to put up their hay up. This is not just a local issue.
This is how I used to process all of this (and still do when I don’t pay attention).

  1. My ongoing thoughts would circle around the weather. I would obsess over what I had no control over.
  2. I couldn’t sleep. My internal alarm clock would wake me up around 3-4 AM every night and I would have to watch TV for at least an hour so I could “forget” about what I had to do.
  3. I would have a drink to “check out” because I didn’t know how to get away from it.
  4. I couldn’t focus because I was so rattled inside my directional navigator was off. Therefore, the projects I could be working on were taking me longer to complete – or not getting done.

I get the weather issue. We’ve operated a spray business for over 20 years and my husband grew up watching it from the time he could understand language. Not just the rain, but humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and temperature. Everything has to be just right.

SO, HOW DO YOU GET THROUGH THIS? How do you accept where you are at without losing it – so to speak. First, you need to realize that you can’t control the weather. It’s not within your control. No matter how much you stress, lose sleep, get frustrated, cry, get angry, give up …. nothing changes that you can’t change the weather. You are giving away resources (your emotional energy) you can’t afford to give away. You would never throw away money, throw out seed, or feed, or fertilizer, or fuel. That’s exactly what you are doing when you worry about things you can’t control. IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE OUTCOME OF THE WEATHER.

Does it mean you don’t care? NO! Does it mean you are lazy? NO! Does it mean you’ve given up? HELL NO!! What it means is you can’t do a damn thing about the weather and you are going to focus on what you can control – YOURSELF.

Second, you are going to need to keep check on yourself. Why? Because you are going to worry about the weather again and again and again. When you realize how much you do this you will see where your energy is going. When you do, you are going to see that it makes you feel like shit (pardon the language).

When this happens you need identify it. “Hey, I feel like shit…what’s going on in my head?” Oh yeah, I’m worrying again. Again…WORRY DOES NOT HELP YOU OR YOUR SITUATION. It robs you of your best parts. It makes you sick. It detaches you from your family, your spouse, your children, your friends.

Third, so what then? Now you’ve identified when you are worrying about the weather (something you have absolutely no control over). You are picking up when you are feeling your worry…WHAT NOW?
This is where you feel your relief. You say to yourself:

“I’ve done everything I could for today.”

“I’m not in charge. God, I’m leaving this to you.”

“My worry won’t change this.”

Whatever it is you choose has to be specific to you. You have to feel truth in what you say. It doesn’t have to be optimistic – it just as to be enough to get you out of your pain.

Then, Maybe for just a second – maybe for a minute- maybe just 10 minutes… you are free of that weight. Maybe you start finding your energy again. Maybe you start connecting with yourself again. Then you do it over and over again.

At first, you may not believe it. Excuses will come up and say it won’t work for me. This is BS. That’s normal. It’s ok – that’s your brain running the show – not you. You can choose to let your brain run the show or you can choose to start paying attention and manage yourself – the way you manage and pay attention to your equipment. THE MOST VALUABLE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT YOU HAVE IS YOURSELF. Without you, nothing operates.
What I promise you is this. You can do this if you apply it. It takes work and energy to pay attention at first. The more you apply it the easier it gets. IN THE END, YOU WILL FEEL BETTER. You still can’t control the weather (and you never could) but you get from today to tomorrow with yourself intact. That’s what’s important.
Much Love,


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