What’s Your Story?

We all have a story.  Where we came from – where we are now – maybe even where we want to go.  But have you ever asked yourself how you got your story?  Who influenced you enough to take part in the plot and ended up directing you to the decisions you based your life on?  More importantly – do those people still deserve to be in your story?

You see, when you were a child the people that surrounded you in some way imprinted on you.  Maybe they taught you what courage was all about.  Maybe they inspired you to become a teacher, or a mother, or a child- care worker.  Regardless, you know who those people were and as you say their name you can visualize a picture of them as clear as day.

But sometimes we are taught things when we are children that don’t serve us anymore.  When you got hurt and cried you may have been rewarded with candy as a distraction.  Maybe when you got scared as a child you withdrew in order to protect yourself.  How about yelling and screaming – maybe you did some of that as a child – I sure did!

Now you are an adult.  Do these things serve you as an adult now?  Are you eating when you aren’t hungry?  Do you run away from things you need to address?  Are you going through your day yelling and screaming? In Dr. Phil’s voice I ask you “How’s that working for you”?

This is just a reminder that so often we don’t question what we do or why we do it.  We just do as we were taught without any question of the functionality of our behavior.  These are things that we were taught as a child.  We are no longer children and need to evaluate our thoughts and our actions.  What do you believe as an adult? Are your beliefs even true or have you just learned them and not questioned why?

It’s never too late to make a change ladies.  Never too late to question the story we have been telling ourselves and see if our story is benefiting us.   Don’t ever let anything hold you back from being who you want to be – especially a story that no longer serves you.

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