That ONE Thing

Uggghhh – that one thing.  You know what I’m talking about.  That one thing you don’t want to do.  You know it should be done (like bookwork) but you’ll do anything to avoid doing it (even laundry).

Even as I sit here I can feel my skin crawl because I know it’s no small feat.  So, I blow it off – maybe for a day – maybe for a week.  And then my body starts rejecting my procrastination and I start to have this gnawing in my stomach like I’ve eaten something that doesn’t agree with me.  Yep – sure doesn’t agree with me.

As time goes on it gets bigger and bigger.  I feel worse and I know in my head if I just tackle it it’ll be better.  I’ll feel better.  So here goes… I dig in and focus.  Wait – the kids are calling my name – and the phone starts ringing.  Good thing I stopped because the UPS man is here and the dogs just started barking.  There is a small sense of relief.

But I know that it is only temporary.  I know I have created this story of paperwork being so horrible.  I know that if I tackle it in small steps it’ll be ok.  I don’t have to do it all at once and I don’t have to do it perfect… I just need to do the best I can.

It all goes back to that – how you think about “that one thing.”  I know if I take the drama out of it all that’s left are papers.  It’s not always easy and I don’t always get it right but now I know if I come back to how I’m thinking about it – I can lighten the blow.  And I can move on to that next “one thing” that’s needing my attention.

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