We see what we think we are going to see.


Have you ever noticed when you are into something it shows up everywhere?  For instance, I’m a jeep girl.  Everywhere I look there are jeeps.  Not just jeeps – but beautiful Red Rubicon’s – just like the one I have.  They are everywhere!


It’s the same thing you can do with a color.  If you were to pick a color and just for a day really think about it – it will show up.  It will show up in so many places it will blow your mind!


Now, this isn’t a trick.  It’s not magic.  It’s just how our brains work.  When we are focusing on something we are more likely to notice those things in our everyday environment.  Pretty cool right?  For the most part.


But there are times we are bringing things into our lives when we really don’t want them there.  For instance, in relationships, jobs, sports, or even meetings with strangers.  If we think things are not going well – for whatever reason – we are going to notice things that we may interpret as not going well.  Then we react by pulling back or not showing up the way we might have in another situation.  The end result is what you expected to see in the first place.


For time’s sake, I simplified that example – but it really is how things work.


If this isn’t working for you and you want something different, try coming from the place you want to end up.  Without the presumption of what you think already is – and with the result of what you want.


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Make it a great week!



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