What our kids teach us

We are coming up on graduation and I was reflecting on the kids going out into the world. They must be pondering all the questions we did when we graduated. The excitement of a new chapter. The hesitation of the unknown. I think about all the lessons and teachings we have given them – all of us parents, teachers, coaches, leaders… The ones they will take forward with them on their new journey.

But then I start reflecting on the lessons the children themselves teach us. How often do we consider that? How have they influenced us, as the adults who have already been down that path? How have our choices been different because of them? How have we become better versions of ourselves because of them and their presence?

With graduation upon us, I am again inspired and renewed because of them. I am reminded that every day is a new day and that we are gifted the opportunity to do what is in our hearts. I am reminded of the strength and courage it takes to make the tough calls. What it’s like to confront difficulties and not shy away. We do this because of you.

I am reminded of the youth that is still within me. It makes me hopeful that I can still do anything I choose to. That I am alive and full of dreams that have not yet been fulfilled. So many places I still want to travel to and people I want to see.

I am reminded of home. Our children are a piece of that. Even though they go away to work on their own dreams, they are still “home” when they return.

To all the kids reading this – thank you for the lessons you have taught us. Thank you for your inspiration to be what ever it is we want to be. Thank you for challenging us to be better versions of ourselves because of you – because of what you mean to us.

It’s been an honor!


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