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I used to look forward to Fridays.  End of the week – get 2 days off – just need to veg and take a breath.  I’d go home, greet my kiddos, change into my sweats and have a cold one. AHHHH…the relief.  Two days I’d get to be home and do only what I needed to.  I’d refuel for another work week and Monday would roll around and I’d start all over again.

Then I quit my job to raise my children and help out with our ag business.  I was blessed to be able to be with my kids all day (especially during the summers) and I really loved that.

Suddenly every day was a work day.  I didn’t go to work at 8 and come home at 5.  It was all day – every day – and everyday was Monday.  Everything on my list and more was getting done.  And I was in beast mode – it was all getting done.

But then there were no “get-aways”.  It started to build.  My excitement for task completion started to dwindle and I started operating on reserves.  I needed relief – relief that I didn’t have to keep pushing so hard.  The housework was never DONE – dishes were never done – bookwork was never done.  I started to rebel against my day instead of embracing it.  All because I just needed a little relief.

What I know now that I didn’t know then:

Relief doesn’t come from duties being completed.

Relief doesn’t come from the house being clean.

Relief doesn’t come from the bookwork being done.

Relief doesn’t come from being done!  It comes from what we are thinking.  It comes from how we are talking to ourselves about our circumstances.  It comes from the story we are telling ourselves.

And in that lies the power to make a change.  To embrace whatever “chapter” we are in and truly enjoy being in the thick of it.  So, if you are in need of relief, just take a step back and have a visit with yourself.  What are you thinking?  How are you feeling?  A thought is a choice that leads to your feelings.  If relief is what you want – what thought will give you that feeling?

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