Now What? How to switch gears…

So here you are at the end of your busy season.  You’ve been hauling ass so long you can hardly remember what it was like to have a real schedule.  Then it’s over…at least temporarily…and you don’t know what to do.  Been there?  Living that?

This can be a real problem for those of us living the agricultural life.  Work, work, work – rest (if you are lucky).  But when it comes to resting and refueling before the next run some of us aren’t that good at switching gears.

What can you do and how do you do it?  First things first.  When you run, run, run – what’s going through your mind?  “I’ll run out of time” or “it won’t get done” or “It’ll be too late if I wait…”

Now that you are done – so to speak, is your emotion “restlessness” because you feel you should be doing something…anything?  Are youagitated because that task in your life has slowed down?

You’ve been practicing “Run…run…run” for how many months?  Your brain is very efficient – it’s been your pattern.  To some degree – “run” is all it knows.  Your brain is going to think what you’ve been thinking unless you pay attention and call it out.  The agitation you feel is going to come from wanting to slow down and your brain still practicing “run…run…run.”   Your thoughts and your current desires are incongruent with each other.  Do you follow me?

So, what do you do?  In order to resolve this, just take a step back and ask yourself “what’s going through that pretty little mind of yours?”  Your feelings come from your thoughts.  If you want to feel better about slowing down, you need to align your thoughts to slow down.  What would you think if you wanted to be ok with switching gears and refueling yourself?  From there you will shift gears.

Bottom line – if you want to feel better about switching gears, you will have to have thoughts that create those feelings. 

*If you are having feelings that don’t line up with “feeling good about switching gears” – there is a thought somewhere holding you back.

Enjoy your downtime.  Embrace some peace.  Then get ready to kick ass when it’s go-time♥

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