Sometimes you have to come up for air…

I’m going to be honest.  The last couple of months have been a bit trying to say the least.

We finished up wheat harvest and just in time to catch my breath I got sick.

I thought it would go away.  It always happens after harvest.  I just need a few days to recover and get back on my feet.  But I couldn’t shake it.  I was tired – really tired.  I didn’t want to do anything but binge Netflix and sleep.

Then one of my kids got sick.  I took him to the Dr.  I wanted him to be healthy.

Then one of the other got sick and I scheduled another appt.  I was still sick.  But I knew I could shake it – I always do.  So, I took that one to the Dr. too and got myself in because there was an opening.

Come to find out I had walking pneumonia and it all came together.  I’ve never had this stuff before and I know there is much worse out there – but I am not used to sitting still.  I’d feel good one day and feel like shit the next.  This list of a hundred things I was going to get done between wheat harvest bean harvest has gotten quite small.

But this has taught me patience.  That big list of “to-do’s” has filtered itself away and that’s ok.  The sky hasn’t fallen and somehow things always work out.  They do.  “It is what it is…”  I’ve come to embrace a bit of quietness and not so much push.  For the time.  And soon I’ll be back to harvest and I won’t have known any different.  Except for that – sometimes I just have to come up for air – and I’ll be ok with it!

Take time to listen to listen to your body.  Know when it’s time to rest and it’s time to work.  There will always be work to do – and not everything on your list needs to be done.  The most important thing is your health.  And if you don’t have your health, nothing else matters.

Sometimes you have to just have to come up for air and be ok with it.

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