Being rich versus being wealthy.

Yesterday, I had a moment that took my breath away.

My son came home from school and said he was in class and they were talking about being rich versus being wealthy.  He said there was some debate as many thought they were the same thing.

I’ve taught him otherwise, as I had learned years ago that being rich and being wealthy are much different.

You see, being rich is having an abundance of money or assets.  You need money to buy assets.  Assets and money come and go as quickly as the grain markets or cattle prices change.

Wealth, on the other hand, is a much deeper concept.  “The difference between being rich and being wealthy is knowledge…Rich people are motivated by money, but wealthy people are motivated by their dreams, purpose, and passion” – Tyrone Solee.  He is not the first to talk about the difference between being rich and being wealthy.

Your wealth cannot be taken from you.   Think about this about this for a moment…

What is it that makes you wealthy?  What is it that you fight for and hold dear to you? What is the wealth that you want to increase?  What is it right now that makes you wealthy?

You don’t have to be looking on the outside wishing you were somewhere else.  My love for my spouse and children make me wealthy.  My love for my family and friends make me wealthy.  My devotion to God gives me wealth.

My point is this – you don’t have to wait to be wealthy.  Being rich and being wealthy are not the same.  Just a shift in perspective can make you realize you have more abundance that you’d ever imagine.

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