Restless nights

In the past – before I know what I know now – I would wake up in the middle of the night with my head full of worries of what was going to happen.


I would lie in bed wondering what the outcome was going to be.  For hours on end.

I would worry about money, people I worked with, my kids, the health of my parents… the list really went on.

Sometimes, I would get up and work and that would take the edge off.

At least for the night.


I used to think if I worried about things – that I was doing my part.

I was trying to solve problems.

I was actively not sitting still.

But it was just a lie I was telling myself.

And the cycle perpetuated a heaviness inside of me.


I was letting fear rob me of my life.

My presence.

My peace.

I was outside of myself looking to the future and my quiet time was filled with anxiety of what was going to happen.


Worry and anxiety do nothing for us.

And I know now that it is a choice.

Faith over fear is a choice.

And when things get quiet – that’s when you really get to hear what’s going on inside your head.

You will hear the things you’ve been telling yourself.

You’ll hear the things other people have been telling you.


If you want to break free of the anxiety and fear you have to pay attention to yourself.

You need to pull yourself out of the future and back to your present.

You need to step back and question the things you have running through your mind.

Not everything you think is the truth.

And even things that were once truths may no longer be.


Make a plan – but don’t stew on things you can’t control.

My short list: family, money, grain prices, relationships

Catch yourself when your mind goes there and don’t indulge the fear.

That’s the only way to break it down.

That’s the only way to stop the cycle.


Then get back to work doing what you do best.

You’ll find more answers in a place of peace than you will in a state of anxiety anyway.

Why not give it a try.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

God Bless!


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