The power of a label

It’s funny how we define ourselves.


Some of us define ourselves as stay at home moms.

Some of us define ourselves as wives.

Some of us define ourselves as farmers.

Or just plain define ourselves by our job.

The list goes on.


Some of these labels we give ourselves

And others are given to us by other people.

Either these labels give us empowerment.

Or they take away or power.


How ever it is you define yourself determines how you carry yourself.

Step back and ask yourself why you are giving yourself this label.

You get to choose SOME of these labels you give yourself.

Is it helping you show up everyday?

Or is it allowing you to check out?


We all want to feel a part of something – to belong somewhere – and labels can help us with this.

If you find yourself minimizing yourself with your label, redirect yourself and change it.

Newsflash – you get to determine your worth.

YOU – not your spouse, not your kids, not your employer – YOU


Make it a great day!




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