I hope you fail


I hope you fail???



It means you put yourself out there.

It means you had the courage to stretch your potential.

It means you wanted something.

I hope you fail.


How does it feel?

It feels like shit.

It feels like defeat.

It may suck the life out of you.

It brings up all kinds of doubts and FEAR.

And when you don’t give up – the other side is BLISS.

I hope you fail.


Why not play it safe?

You may be afraid.

You may not know the way.

It’s uncomfortable.

If you don’t try – you will end up feeling the fail anyway.

That’s how it works.

I hope you fail.


Fail until you succeed.

Fail until you reach your dreams.

Fail until you no longer question your resilience.

Fail because you deserve something greater than “settling”.


I hope you have the courage to fail!


Make it a great week!


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