For my children

For my children:


I hope you challenge yourself beyond your safe zones.

I hope you stretch enough to be uncomfortable.

I hope you believe in dreams no one understands.


I hope you never give up on yourself

– even if you feel those around you have.

I hope you feel safe enough to leave home

– but always know an “I love you” is just a phone call away.

I hope you never forget how you became you.

  • Who helped you grow.
  • Who mentored you.


My hope for you is to be brave enough, courageous enough, and strong enough to fail.

  • Big dreams and a good life require some risk.

My hope for you is that you never settle.

  • I will say this again “Never settle!”

My hope for you is to have relationships that challenge you to become a better you.

  • And to let go of the ones that hold you back.

My hope for you is that you learn forgiveness.

  • With strong love, comes a lot of forgiveness.
  • The relationships that have love and forgiveness are the best ones.


My hope for you is that you feel all your emotions.

  • The best life is the one who can embrace all emotions.
  • There is no happiness without sadness.
  • You are meant to feel them all.


My hope for you is that God continues to be your foundation.

  • Never take that for granted.
  • You have to fight to keep this relationship strong.

My hope for you is that you always know I love you no matter what.



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