Your head is like a washing machine

Your head is like a washing machine.


You put laundry into the washing machine to clean your laundry.

You have thoughts to process information about your life.


When you let the laundry sit in the washing machine and don’t take them out – they become stale and moldy, right?  Then you need to wash and sometimes rewash them.

Our thoughts are the same way when they sit in our head.  They repeat themselves without us knowing.  That’s just how our brain works.  It’s efficient just like an HE washing machine.


When we forget to pay attention to what we are thinking our thoughts can get moldy and stinky too.  It’s like we’ve left the dirty laundry in it.  We haven’t been taught how to pay attention to our thoughts and you may not think it’s a big deal.  Until it breaks down – just like a washing machine.


So here is your fix.  Take the thoughts out of your head just like you take the laundry out of the washing machine.  Write it down on paper, or a napkin, or anything you have – just to get it out of your machine (your head).  See what you are telling yourself.  Write until you can’t write anymore.  The stuff at the end is usually the stuff you are thinking that you didn’t even know was there.  Like that old shirt you lost.


You may not THINK it’s a big deal.  Maybe you don’t think you have time.  Or you’re too proud.  Or you don’t think it works.  Or you’re too tough. But you can’t escape how the body/mind works.


How you are feeling is directly related to your thoughts.  So, if you want to get to the core of the problem this is how you do it.


When the washing machine needs a tune-up – that’s where I come in.  We all have our specialties and this is mine.  I have the right tools to help you get all those things untangled.  In a sense, we jump in your machine and pull out “your laundry”  so we can get you efficient at being you again.  We’ll throw out what no longer fits and hang onto what’s going to dress you up.


If you want more – go to my website and check out my blog section.  It’ll give you a solid foundation to start with.


Much love!


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