Letting Go

Letting go of things can be hard. 

I have this piece of exercise equipment we bought several years back. 

We really don’t use it. 
It’s not the go-to for the workout anyway.

But when we bought it – it was going to change our lives.


Yet, it sits in the basement gathering dust.

It no longer serves a purpose for us.

So, my kids want to replace it with something they will use.

And I have been hesitant to get rid of it.

Well, my kids conjured up a plan and presented it to the honey and me.

They even put on ties<img draggable= 


Facts, figures, and the good ol’ sales pitch was thick.

Time for questions was even in the presentation – along with well thought out answers.

Side note: this is the same format used to get our last puppy.


Anyway, this is what came up for me when the “thought” of getting rid of this piece of equipment became a possibility:

               “It cost a lot of money.”

               “We had to work hard for that money.”

               “Maybe I’ll start using it.”

               “What if I regret getting rid of it?”

               “It is in really great condition.”

               “We probably won’t use it.”

               “I hate to see it go.”


Letting go of something can be hard. 

It goes against the grain of what we’ve been operating with.

It challenges us to come face to face with things we have been telling ourselves.

It brings up stories, expectations, beliefs, emotions – many of them old and no longer true or useful.


But it can be so rewarding.

It allows space for growth.

It allows room for a fresh start.

It can open doors you never imagined were there.


Letting go isn’t just about letting go of possessions or clutter.

It can be about letting go of stories that hold us back, unhealthy relationships, expectations…

So much more.

But you have to be brave.

You need to be curious.

And you have to be willing.


Much Love♥


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