Harvest Blues

You’ve worked hard all year.
Pushed through “non-ideal” planting weather maybe.
Pushed through surprise breakdowns – and maybe some unsurprised.
Pushed through deadlines and unforeseen agenda shifts.
But you got the seed in.

Then comes hope, prayers, optimism.
And checking fields and spraying and more praying.
And moisture – God please bring the moisture.
You know we need it – except for when we don’t.

You know that the cycle will end.
It always does.
And the pressure of low prices will once again redeem the past 4-5 years of seeing red.
Maybe Tuesday.

And comes the hurry up and wait.
Harvest is almost here.
Combines, trucks, fire deterrents all locked and loaded – just waiting for go time.
Go…test…stop…test…go…you’re late.

Now you are at the end of the year.
Bills are due.
Crops are in the field due to weather.
What do you do?

Work the problem.
Work the problem.
Work the problem.

Don’t get caught up in a cycle of emotion that drains your energy.
Whether you’re stressed, or frustrated, or at a loss – that doesn’t change the situation.
But it can kill you if you let it.
It can rub off on your spouse and your children.

Listen to what you are repeating to yourself during harvest.
Whether you know it or not thoughts really do affect you.
They can drive up blood pressure.
They can hijack your peace and replace it with anxiety.
They can create some bad and even dangerous choices that can lead to injury.

So – refocus.
Refocus on what you can do – instead of what you can’t control.
Refocus on what you are thinking – steer away from the unhelpful thoughts to something more neutral.
Refocus on your end game so you can get creative and reformulate another plan.
And do it with intention.

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